Wonder how ISIE will help you to connect your education with the reality?



We focus on youth issues and engage young people in meaningful workshops.


We address youth attention to the most actual topics for debate and discussion.


The issues that we can not influence in single day events are brought in the form of permanent projects for real changes.


Public speaking, debates, essay writing and many more are the playgrounds for our participants.

Exchange Programs

In partnership with AIESEC in Poland we offer the best exclusive opportunities abroad.


Are you excited about leadership, entrepreneurship and management? Our membership experience is the right place to be.

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Let’s Explain More What ISIE Means…


Non-formal Education

ISIE is International School of Intellect and Education, the non-formal educational institution, which means we equip our participants with practical knowledge helping them to know how to realize themselves efficiently in current, present time.

Leadership & Management

ISIE is built on the values of human rights and democracy with modern standards of management. This is the environment where generations of organization’s leadership are changing through elections and everyone has the equal right to grow and develop.

Influencing Youth

We care about every single issue young person faces in Poland. Based on constant researches, we build special projects and programs to influence youth in positive manner to bring the progressive change in Polish communities.

Sustainable Development

Each and every project is based on the idea of sustainable approach towards environment. We also help youth understand the corporate social responsibility and help them grow as responsible leaders having a long term vision of future.

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